The business landscape is forever changing. Organisations, private and public, small, medium and big, are forever chasing a moving target. Competition, consumer tastes and preferences, employee demands, risks and technology are some of the key drivers of this changing landscape. Organisations have to adapt and to some instances lead the change.

We, at GMZ Consulting Services are proud to provide solutions that are tailor-made to deal with unique challenges faced by organisations. We believe that each organisation is unique and therefore needs a unique solution to challenges it is facing.

The solutions to challenges, no matter how excellent they are, should always be ‘in-line’ with the strategy of the organisation. Having an excellent solution that is out of line with the strategy is equivalent to corporate suicide. In the long-run, the same challenge will surface in a magnified formation that may render that solution which was at one stage hailed as excellent, useless.

That is the reason for our belief that analysis be done before planning, and that planning must be followed by an excellent execution plan. Our slogan “Analyse, Plan, Execute” came out of this belief and, indeed that is how we do things at GMZ Consulting. We would like you to join and partner with us in making your organisation to realise its business objectives.

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